César Ordóñez
César Ordóñez is photographer and video artist who develops his activity mainly between Barcelona (his hometown) and Tokyo (his city laboratory). He uses visual language and its universality, as a tool to ponder upon the world today, the beauty of existence and its fragility proposing a change in conscience, exploring how our thoughts and attitudes influence our environment, and the future of the societies in which we live. With a vital, intimate and often introspective style, his works transpose between the real and the metaphorical, between the life and dreams.
He began his career at the end of the 80's in Barcelona, and he resumed it on 2007 (when he created his first "Ashimoto", after a more than 15 years hiatus, during which he prioritized his activity as a professional photographer in the fields of portraiture, fashion and advertising, and associative work within the photographic world.
He’s had more than 15 individual exhibitions and 50 group exhibitions in countries such as Spain, Mexico, France, Russia, Japan, South Korea, China and Peru.?Since 2012, he has participated in Tokyo-Ga.org, an extensive project on the Japanese capital, which brings together 100 international photographers. His latest published book is "Tokyo Blur".
His photographs are part of important art collections such as: Fundació Foto Colectania, Barcelona, Spain; Auer Photo Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland; And Unicaja Foundation, Malaga, Spain; As well as various private collections in Spain, France, Russia and Mexico.